Why Buy Capri XR2?

All new Capri XR2 for 1991 unveils an exciting new world of driving fun and performance. Capri XR2 is versatile! Mazda Miata is a sporty 2-seater designed to be a modern update of the British 2-seater sports cars of the 1960's. Capri XR2 has the power to outperform Miata and offers as standard equipment virtually every desired feature, many of which are either optional or not available on Miata. Capri XR2 is also a more usable vehicle than Miata, without sacrificing fun. Finally, Capri XR2 is priced $727 LESS.

Key Capri XR2 Advantages

  • Capri offers as standard a new 16-valve DOHC turbocharged engine developing 132 horsepower at 6000 rpm, compared to Miata's 116 horsepower at 6500 rpm. Capri XR2 engine's torque rating is 136 ft.-lbs. at 3000 rpm, while Miata's non-turbocharged engine torque is rated at only 100 ft.-lbs. at 5500 rpm. Capri XR2 owns a clear advantage in performance over Miata.
  • Capri XR2 has standard equipment features not even offered on Miata. The turbocharged engine, fog lamps, power locks, driver side seat height and lumbar support adjustment, rear spoiler and dual power remote mirrors are all exclusive with Capri XR2. Aluminum wheels, speed control, AM/FM stereo cassette and power windows are standard Capri XR2 features that are optional on Miata.
  • Capri XR2 doubles the fun of a Miata, with 4 passenger seating, not available in the Miata 2-seater
  • Capri XR2 offers an insulated, detachable steel hardtop with rear window defroster, dome and map lights
  • Capri XR2 offers 6.2 cu. ft. of luggage space, significantly more than in the 2-seat Miata
    Miata Strengths

    Mazda Miata offers some optional features not available on Capri XR2, such as head restraint speakers and dealer-installed anti-theft alarm system.

    Showroom to Showroom*Capri XR2Miata
    MSRP Before Package Discount**$15,877$15,809
    Air conditioningStd.      795
    Package Discount***    --000      --000
    MSRP with Discount$15,877$16,604
    Showroom to Showroom Price DifferenceCapri XR2
    $727 LESS

    Comparably Equipped Features
    Fog lampsStd.N/A
    Power windowsStd.N/A
    Power locksStd.N/A
    Dual power remote-control mirrorsStd.N/A
    AM/FM stereo cassetteStd.Incl.
    Steed controlStd.Incl.
    Power steeringStd.Incl.
    Aluminum wheelsStd.Incl.
    Power windowsStd.Incl.
    Color-keyed detachable hardtop with storage stand and coverOpt.Opt. (a)
    Vehicle Price$15,877$16,604
    Comparably Equipped Price DifferenceCapri XR2
    $727 LESS

      * Showroom to Showroom = Capri XR2 vs. Mazda Miata model your prospect will most likely see and shop at competitive showroom.
    ** Based on manufacturers' suggested retail price excluding title and taxes.
    Destination and delivery charges included.
    *** Package savings based on sticker price of option package vs. options purchased separately.
    (a) Miata has no rear window defroster, dome or map lights, storage stand, cover or insulation. Miata's top is fiberglass not steel.
    Std. = Standard; Incl. = Included with option package; Opt. = Optional; N/A = Feature not available.

    Information based on Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association Specifications and generally available vehicle data. At the time of this release, descriptive and illustrative materials contained herein were believed to be correct. Lincoln-Mercury Division of Ford Motor Company reserves the right to change specifications, equipment, designs or prices without prior notice and without incurring obligation.


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