In a recent (June 2003) Detroit Free Press supplement to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Ford Motor Company, there was an article: Five Ford Cars to Forget.
The 1991-1994 Mercury Capri was one of the cars named.

1991 Mercury Capri was introduced in July 1990. It seemed like such a good idea at the time: Have renowned Italian design houses Ghia and ItalDesign create a small convertible, use Mazda parts for quality and build it in Australia to keep it affordable. The best-laid plans . . .

The front-wheel drive Capri was repeatedly delayed within Ford, eventually hitting the market about the same time as the vastly superior and more attractive Mazda Miata.

"It was almost free of redeeming qualities," said David C. Smith, editor-at-large of Ward's Auto World magazine. "It had absolutely no curb appeal."

In addition to a design that had grown old before the car ever went on sale, the Capri was burdened by quality problems. "Ours was in the shop all the time, and it was no fun to drive when it was running," an original owner said.

Ford killed the car in February 1994 with less than 67,000 manufactured.


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