This chart below details a range of average prices in year-by-year listings for Capri vehicles in three condition levels:

Good-a clean low-mileage, solid-running vehicle that needs little or no repair.

Average-a car with normal miles on the odometer, perhaps a few scrapes or dings; engine might need a minor repair or two, but runs acceptably well.

Poor-might have potentially dangerous problems with the engine and/or body, or abnormally high mileage; definitely in need of mechanical attention.

Valuations reflect wholesale prices paid by dealers at auction, and retail prices on used-car lots.

Each range covers all trim levels and engine types for a vehicle with a typical amount of equipment-usually an automatic transmission, air conditioning, stereo, etc. Fully-loaded vehicles may cost more. Keep in mind that these are guidelines only. Actual selling prices vary-especially from region to region.

Prices Good Average Poor
Capri $900-1,200 $600-1,000 $200-300
Capri XR2 $1,000-1,400 $900-1,200 $200-300
Capri $1,200-1,700 $700-1,100 $200-300
Capri XR2 $1,200-1,900 $700-1,200 $200-300
Capri $1,600-2,200 $1,100-1,500 $300-400
Capri XR2 $1,900-2,500 $1,300-1,700 $400-500
Capri $2,000-2,700 $1,400-1,900 $400-500
Capri XR2 $2,300-3,000 $1,700-2,200 $500-600
Capri $2,700-3,400 $2,100-2,600 $700-800
Capri XR2 $3,100-3,800 $2,400-2,900 $800-1,000


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