14 Slot Painted Stamped Steel 14"
(standard on all 1991-1993 non turbos)

16 Pyramid Design Geometric Alloy 14"
(optional on all 1991-1993
standard on 1991 XR2)

Three Spoke Alloy 15"
(standard on all 1992-1993 XR2s)

Five Spoke Alloy 14"
(standard on all 1994 non turbos)

Seven Spoke Alloy 15"
(standard on all 1994 XR2s)

All five different wheels offered by Ford for the four years of 1991-1994 Capri production share the same lug bolt pattern, and are all interchangeable. We stock good used original Capri wheels and usually have full sets & singles of all five Capri wheels shown in the pictures above. Call for availability and specific pricing.


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