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R oo-Sport prides itself as being your most thorough resource for parts, accessories, literature, and service advice for your 1991 to 1994 Mercury Capri. Due to its low production numbers and limited corporate support from Ford Motor Company, it can be increasingly difficult to find replacement parts for these unique automobiles. Roo-Sport has assembled a large stock of both new and good used original Ford and new aftermarket parts and accessories - some of which are obsolete. We know the 1991-1994 Mercury Capri inside and out, and are able to provide you with the parts and service advice for many of the common maintenance and repair problems specific to your Capri. Give us a call we are here "Helping You Care For Your Capri!"

Mercury Capri
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A factory Removable Hardtop, Tonneau Cover,
Shop Manual, or an out-of-production part?
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Tonneau Cover protects your Capri interior from dust, dirt and fading while reducing wear and tear on the convertible top. Center zipper allows passenger seat to remain covered while driving. Constructed of waterproof, fade resistant convertible top material, the Tonneau Cover folds into a storage bag included. Attaches easily using existing hardware.

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Mercury Capri
Mercury Capri
Mercury Capri
Custom front end cover (nose bra) helps guard against
scratches, dents and dings while accentuating your
Capri's streamlined body design. Made of heavy-duty
Black vinyl backed by soft, non-woven White flannel.
Featured embossed logo. Available original NOS
Ford and new high quality LeBra replacement.

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Capri owners always asking Roo-Sport what we think about 1991-1994 Capri becoming a Classic, Milestone or a Collectable, and having future value. I put some thoughts together and I am taking a position based on my 27+ years in the collectable car business and my interaction with hundreds of 1991-1994 Capri owners over the past 10 years. I am not saying that what you are about to read is correct, only that it is an opinion and open to debate and discussion.

There aren't many 1991-1994 Capris remaining in the world. There weren't that many 66,279 produced in the four years they were available. The fact is that an unpopular car (one that doesn't sell well and doesn't enjoy wide market acceptance) tends to stay unpopular as the years pass. The reason is because so few were sold, driven and experienced, there isn't a large owner base or 'following' for the cars as they age.

Scarcity and rarity does not always equate to high future value.

In fact, there are many models, like early Ford Mustangs, that are neither scarce nor rare (over 2.9 Million 1965-1973 Mustangs sold), but maintain their value, continue to appreciate and are quite popular, sought after collectibles even after 40+ years.

Even today, cars like Edsels and Studebaker Larks though rare, still aren't all that valuable. The problems associated with getting support for a Capri meet, within a few hundred miles of several list member/owners, is proof enough that the interest in the Capri is not that intense. The Capri owners are not enthusiasts, they are just owners of an inexpensive top-down 'Sporty Car'. In addition there are very few original Capri owners who have held on the car over the years, most current Capri owners purchased the car used and at attractive low prices.

The first model year and the last model year of any car that eventually becomes collectable, is almost always the most valuable. So, though plagued with problems, the 1991's are most likely to be 'collectable' in the future. Besides the 1991, was most true to Ford's Ghia Concept the original vision for the car. The 1994's, especially the XR2 might already be considered collectable and really should be significantly more valuable because of the improvements, additional standard and optional equipment, there were so few 1994 XR2s made, only 366 worldwide, and the numbers decrease every day. But sadly today a nice clean low mileage 1994 XR2 barely brings 25% of its original 1994 list price.

The Capri is at its most precarious point in its history right now. If the Capri is to survive, it will be because of the few people that have chosen it as the car they want to own, maintain and the parts suppliers continue to provide a stream of Capri new/used/reproduction parts and accessories. The Capri has just about bottomed out for resale, many decent Capris with acceptable mileage sell for as little as 10-15% of their original list price. Qualified repair technicians are difficult to find and repairs (parts and labor) can get costly. Many current Capri owners are parting out their cars rather than rebuilding, just look at the number of used parts listed on eBay. Critical parts are scarce and will continue to become harder to locate as Ford and independent suppliers give up on the Capri as demand for replacement parts decreases.

As the cars approach twenty years old is when it is really gets tough for insurers to rationalize repairing them. Those Capris in original clean condition that survive may become collectors cars in the future, but I doubt it.

If you are considering a purchase or already own a 1991-1994 Mercury Capri, enjoy it for what it is a top down, fun to drive, sporty convertible, not for what it might some day become.