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Mercury Capri

Over the years we have spoken to hundreds of Capri owners, read and saved many of the posting on the Yahoo Capri egroup. (see our Capri Links). Our conversations involve diagnostics, repair and possible solutions for all kinds of Capri mechanical problems, technical challenges and component failures.

We can't guarantee we can solve your specific problem when it happens, but we are a valuable resource and have a large technical library of articles, manuals and do possess a wealth of Capri knowledge. This information has been acquired from our years of experience, and from discussions with owners and ASE technicians who have worked on the Capri and shared their experiences.

Consider contacting us by email or calling and discussing a problem you may be having. There is a good chance we have an answer or can point you in the direction of where to find the information on how to correct your specific problem.

If you need a replacement or a rebuilt part, we can supply it or refer you to someone who can provide it. Our mission has always been to:

"Preserve, maintain, share the history, and enjoy owning/driving the 1989-1994 Ford-Mercury 'Aussie' CAPRI Convertibles"

This web site, its contents and our business enterprise exists to support that mission. You can always look to Roo-Sport for assistance, guidance, help and as a solid dependable resource for Capri parts and service.


1-503-919-4227 OR 1-847-370-3760


"Helping You Care For
Your Capri!"