Capri is a famous island (part of Capania) off of Italy, twenty miles from the southern edge of the Bay of Naples. A popular tourist attraction and vacation resort since Roman times, it's warm climate & beautiful natural scenery attracts thousands of visitors. It is famous for its Blue Grotto, a picturesque wave cut cave, indenting the island's high, precipitous coast. The island is about four square miles and has a population of 15,000. Roman emperors Augustus & Tiberius built palaces on Capri. Products of Capri include olive oil, fruits & dry light White wine.

The word capricious means whimsical, impulsive and unpredictable. Thus the word Capri imbues fun, and relaxed leisure time.

The name Capri has been used by the Ford Motor Company in the Lincoln and Mercury divisions for the last half of the Nineteenth century. In the Fifties it was a Lincoln two door, four door and convertible, in the Seventies a Mercury German import two door hatchback, in the Eighties a Mercury two door hatchback Mustang clone, in the Nineties an Australian domestic Ford and export Mercury, two door convertible.

It is an appropriate name for a sporty, sleek convertible, partially designed in Italy and produced by Ford of Australia to make top down driving relaxing and fun.



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