• 132 horsepower turbo charged 1.6 DOHC Engine, special tuned exhaust manifold and larger header/down pipe.
  • All XR2 equipped with heavy duty 5 speed manual transaxle.
  • XR2 gets special instrument cluster with turbo boost gauge.
  • Larger disk brakes & a rear sway bar.
  • XR2 engine management computer (ECM)
  • Air conditioning, cruise control & rear spoiler/wing is standard.
  • 1991 XR2 gets 14" geometric alloy wheels as standard (optional on base model). 1992-1993 XR2 gets three spoke 15" alloy wheels & 15" P195/50 tires. 1994 XR2 gets seven spoke 15" alloy wheels & 15" P195/50 tires.
  • "XR2" ornament on LH of rear spoiler.
  • Front bumper contains a pair of 55 watt fog lights.

1992 - 1993 Capri XR2

Ford had already used the 'GT', 'Ghia', 'RS' and 'S' badge's on a variety of models. The 'XR' badge first appeared in 1967 on the Mercury Cougar which offered a 'XR7' premium "sport-packaged" model, but no-one seems to know it's real origin. There is a belief that the 'XR' was a Ford acronym for either eXpeRimental, or it stood for Cross (X) Rally, but neither explanation can be verified.

Since 1967 a whole series of XR's have been produced- XR2 (Capri), XR3 (Escort), XR4 (Merkur), XR5 (Topaz), XR7 (Cougar), XR6 and XR8 (versions of the Ford Sierra built in South Africa). There has never been an 'XR1' manufactured by Ford.


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