Mazda 1.6 L (1597 cc) B6T -

The ubiquitous inline 4 cylinder, multi-port electronic fuel-injected, 16-valve DOHC B6, released in 1985 was used in numerous models worldwide. Mazda added an IHI VJ-14 turbo charger and an intercooler, to increase output of the B6T engine by 30%. This engine/turbo combination was in the 1988-1989 Mazda 323 GT and 323 GTX (both sold in USA), 1985-1989 Mazda Familia GT-X/GT/Infini (sold in Japan), 1985-1989 Ford Laser TX3 turbo (sold in Australia), and 1989-1994 Ford and Mercury Capri (sold in Australia and the USA). A DOHC cylinder head was designed for the the 323 GTX turbo.

Because of the severe duty that motor could be exposed to many enhancements were made to it for reliability. 7.9:1 compression and a stronger web stiffened engine block and oil spray cooled pistons were among the changes. The connecting rods used in the 1988-1989 323 GTX turbo are larger. They have a thicker beam, thicker small end and larger size bolts.

This 1.6 L DOHC engine was most commonly found mated to a 4WD drive train although FWD models were also available. Power and torque outputs varied across markets due to emission and fuel standards, but the Japanese version of the B6T was the most powerful, producing 147 hp and 137 ft·lb of torque.


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